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From many years Pro Bott bottles has been an important part of numerous adventures & memoirs. Over the years we have received hundreds of mail describing how much our product means to them. For many our product represents a cherished memory of a loved one who has passed or a best friend that never let them down. Composed here are few of our much Pro Bott Stories. Have a look :


Suraj Mehra

Pro Bott Bottles, really professional ones. I put ice in them in the morning and keep refilling with water all day and the ice is still there at the end of the day when I leave the office. I haven't tried them for hot drinks yet, I purchased them to keep things cold. After a long run, it's nice to hop in the car to drive home and have icy cold water waiting for me. I'm looking forward to using them for day trips and picnics this summer.

Many Thanks


I received my bottles last week and have been using them daily since they arrived. I love them!

Thank you very much!


I recently ordered one of your hydration bottles - 18/8 Stainless Steel Premium Quality 500 ml. I previously had another thermos, but lost it, and found this one. I will never go back. The construction is sturdy and stylish, the drinking spouts are perfect. This bottle goes everywhere with me. I look forward to getting your other sizes for other uses.

Thank you !!


I just wanted to drop a note to say that I received a 800 ml bottle and I must say that it is by far the best thermal bottle that I have ever had. With the cold winter that we have been having, and working in an outdoor environment, I was shocked today when I opened my bottle after it was sitting in my cold truck for five hours and the steam rose out. My coffee was so hot that I had to let it cool before I could drink it. I will recommend your product to everyone as it is something I will use every day. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Many Thanks ,


I have several Pro Bott Bottles and have encouraged many friends to buy them as well and everyone is thrilled with their bottles, sleek design and awesome quality. I just bought 4 more of the LITE Series 800 ML ones to take on a trip that I had engraved and they turned out brilliantly!

Thanks !

Sachin kamath

I bought two of your bottles a short time ago and let me tell you I LOVE THEM. My water stays ice cold for hours. I have just tried a hot beverage (coffee) for the first time and so far after 3 ½ hours later it is still quite hot to drink. I also have been recommending to all of my friends.

Thank you .
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